Wecome to my surgical video page. This page will take you to various surgical video clippings. These clippings have been shot realtime. The videos may take some time to load if you are on a dial up connection, please be patient. Clippings will be constantly added to this page. Keep visiting often.

I thank google for hosting my video clippings.

1. Grommet insertion

2. Fronto ethmoidal mucocele endoscopic decompression

3. Tonsillectomy

4. Thyroglossal cyst excision

5. Firbous dysplasia maxilla surgical parring

6. Management of Tonsillectomy bleeding

7. Intubation during general anaesthesia

8. Sublingual salivary gland excision

9. Otoendoscopic video clipping showing a tympanic membrane with attic perforation and a large central perforation.

10. Depressed fracture zygoma closed reduction

11. Taking biopsy from hypopharynx an easy way

12. Tracheostomy

13. Hemithyroidectomy

14. Quinsy (peritonsillar abscess) drainage

15. Microlaryngeal excision of vocal nodule

16. Stapedectomy

17. Removal of impacted foreign body from middle ear

18. Live leech in the nasal cavity

19. Diagnostic nasal endoscopy I Pass

20. Diagnostic nasal endoscopy II pass

21. Diagnostic nasal endoscopy III pass

22. Tracheo oesophageal puncture

23. Myringoplasty

24. Endoscopic dacryocystorhinostomy

25. Nasal rhinosporidiosis with septal perforation a unique case report.

26. Fracture nasal bone closed reduction

27. Antrochoanal polyp endoscopic excision

28. Dermoid Cyst nasal tip excision

29. Dental cyst maxilla excision

30. Foreign body nose (Lithium cadmium battery) removal

31. Hemimandibulectomy

32. Depressed fracture of anterior table of frontal sinus ORIF

33. Lateral rhinotomy

34. Endoscopic sinus surgery

35. Mastoid surgeries

36. Submandibular salivary gland excision

37. Blow out fracture endoscopic repair

38. Nasolabial cyst excision

39. Pleomorphic adenoma soft palate excision

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